Sunday, 27 July 2014

Interview with "Alobo Naga and the Band"

Tell us something about your band, its members and your influences?
A contemporary alternative progressive bans comprising of 5 happy guys from Dimapur, Nagaland. Alobo Naga as the front man, Fung Walling on Bass, Theja Khate on Drums, Dj Sumika on Turntables . We love bands like Incubus, Thirty seconds to mars, Muse, Toe,The Script and more... 

What was the moment of reckoning or any incident which led to the formation of ‘Alobo Naga and the band’ as we know today?
Alobo Naga our vocalist was a solo pop artiste prior to the formation of the band, we all came together and played for him in one of his solo gig and then from there was no turning back... We are still together. 
In music industry there are a lot of roadblocks and challenges which one has to face in a country like India, what kind of challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
As any other artiste we had our own share of roadblocks and challenges. Initially finance was one of the main issue, we had to record our first EP "Painted Dreams" from a friends bedroom and did the vocals inside the Godrej Almirah :)  
We did not even have our own proper jamming room, so we had to travel always with our instruments and PA system from one members place to another to practice after some period of time when the neighbours and parents could not take it anymore :) 
Tell us what’s different about your new composition and the video?
With years of experience and playing together we have evolved more matured in every sphere, whether it is in terms of music,producing, compositions, arrangements, song writings etc. And having TIm Palmer, the Grammy Nominated Music producer/sound engineer collaborating with us on our songs, it gave a higher edge to our music. 
We wanted to do something green & fresh with the video, so we shot the entire video outdoor here in Nagaland at Vihokhu Village,Niuland. The entire video concept was the brainchild of our director Prithish & Puja Chakraborty.
One lesson from your journey that you would like to share with other music enthusiasts/budding musicians out there, who are looking to start their own band!
If you have the talent, go for it... Work hard, pray and never give up,There is no short. Initially you have to be your own promoter, producer and manager. Make use of internet, Try to spread out or share your music, works as Much as you can. Don't wait for opportunities, make your own platform ...
Tell us about your next show and what all can we look forward to?
Currently We are working in the studio for our album and moreover our drummer is travelling to Myanmar and our Vocalist is going to Scotland for some shows. So active live music only after August. 
How do you feel about being a part of TagMuse?
Thank you so much for having us, we are honoured and humbled. 
Kudos to the entire TagMuse team for the wonderful job in helping the musicians expand our horizon.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

World Music Day

Article by: Vartika Sharma
One of the supreme creative artists our civilisation has produced, also the most influential composer in history, nearly all subsequent developments in "classical" music owe something to his work, and so does the modern concept of the artists role in society, Ludwig van Beethoven said: "Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” The worth of music on human-life was found in the year 1982 in France. This brought forth the annual celebration of World Music Day on 21st June to continuously embellished the intensity and quintessence of music for the world. To accelerate the slogan of "Fête de la Musique" unambiguously meaning "Make Music," World Music Day aims to foster musicians from all around the world.

People celebrate this day, by presenting musicians to perform live in the streets and openly holding free concerts for public audiences. It is a day when music is made all night. The day is an international affair with a simple set of principles: that all concerts and events are free and accessible to the public.

Music, the universal language of mankind, is a potent means of divulgence within and across humanity. An overwhelming form of expression and dialogue. Serving as a 'muse' for some of us. It aids as a remedy and pacifier of depression too. Regardless of the significance that it holds for every personage, music is certainly a treasure of art. The longest day of the year is apt for being The World Music Day because there's never an overdose of music in fact living without music is a pale, dry, bland and dull life void of everything.

So this World Music Day get yourself lost in new tunes of fresh music by TagMuse.

Headphone On
Music On Life Stops,

Problems Off

Happy World Music Day..!!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My First “GIG”

Back in 2011 when I was in Ahmedabad, where the concept of gigs and musical performances was still very new, in a winter night, I tagged along with a bunch of acquaintances who got free passes for none other than JUNKYARD GROOVE. It was a crazy night for me as it was my very first experience. Yes, in a city like India, for a 16 year old girl, a night out with friends till 2 in the morning to see a band perform was not very common.  So of course, I enjoyed every bit of it.  We arrived at the IIT campus where the gig was supposed to take place around 10 in the night. I was a bit tensed up since I hardly knew the people I was out with. But once I entered inside, there were a large group of people turning up for this event and seeing an amazing chilled out night life amazed me.

Soon we all gathered around at the back of the crowd, trying to fit in, trying to pick up the lyrics of the song. I had heard a very few songs of the band, also I wasn't a very big fan of them back then but still I tried to just get along with it. In no time, seeing the cheered up crowd with so much so enthusiasm and energy, i gave me a push and I too started gelling in. We started jumping and shouting with “soft drinks” in our hands and made our way inside the crowd to get closer to the stage. Jason Sturmon,  the acoustic guitarist, was, like always an eye catcher. ( I have a thing for acoustic guys! ) We kept shouting and hooting and filling up our glasses and enjoyed the damn night.
We got so much into the flow that we made our way to the front where we could actually touch the stage and see all of them so very near to us. I shouted and requested them to sing “Say Goodbye”, one of my favourites and guess what? They heard me! And JASON looked at me and winked with that side smile. I swear it was one of the best moments of my life. And then when they completed their song, Jason’s exact words were “this one goes for the group of girls who are standing right in front of me” and then he pointed at us. We all were so mesmerized by it that we just held each other’s hands and gazed at the stage. There he played “Say Goodbye” and we all sang along. We started jumping and shouting at the top of our lungs. That night, not only I fell in love with the band but also made friends out of those acquaintances. While returning back, we played the music out loud in our jeep, put our heads outside in the air with our arms stretched  and witnessed the “Perks of Being a Wallflower” moment before it actually got famous. And in that moment, I swear, we were infinite.

From there onward, my journey started towards the gig culture in India. I read about everything I could and found out about the local artists and listened to their music. My first year of college has just ended and I have been to A LOT of local gigs everywhere. Also, my experience of NH7 was out of the world. But, more on that in the next post!

All you folks out there keep the spirit of music alive and attend every single gig you can even if you don’t know the performer! Because everyone in this world just wants to be heard.

Find Junkyard Groove and other such amazing artists at TagMuse

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Interview with "As We Keep Searching"

Interview with "As We Keep Searching" by Vartika Sharma

As We Keep Searching is an indie/post-rock/experimental band consisting of four members namely Uddipan, the guitarist, vocalist and the production head of the band. He is the “eldest member of the band”, then there's the keyboard player, Shubham, the base Guitarist, Tushar and the killer drummer, Ashwin. This band is partially split up as two of these four musicians put up in Ahmedabad and the other two in Pune. Their passion for music brings'em together to jam and produce easy on the ear music. While Uddipan, Shubham and Ashwin are full-time musicians, Tushar is pursuing engineering and joined later after the band was formed. Their studio-Blue Tree Studio in Ahmedabad is their biggest motivation as it is from this studio that their musical career took off and they became popular.

In an interview with Uddipan Sarmah he revealed that “bad production and the casual attitude of the Indie Bands” is his pet peeve. Affirming to be a “self-taught musician', Uddipan started playing when he was in the sixth standard after closely observing his father and his sister sing duet numbers. Apart from the family influence, Backstreet Boys had a great leverage on the young lad's mind. A big admirer of as he calls him the “Ambassador of Folk music”, Raghu Dixit, Uddipan developed a fond taste for music while attending his shows in Bangalore. Uddipan has also been a big admirer of his contemporary band PARVAAZ as he closely watched them grow. The members of Parvaaz and Uddipan were in the same college during their graduation days. In their college they had no jam room and that's when they started hanging out together always on the outlook for a room to jam in. His fondest musical memory is that of his college days where everything fell in place because according to him he was “in the right place with the right people”. When everything seemed to be going well Uddipan and his band members prepared for their first ever live performance. But it didn't quite turn out the way they expected it to be. The performance before their's saw a jam-packed audience, but when they started performing the audience dispersed abandoning the ongoing performance.

But unlike their first performance which was a complete letdown, Uddipan is very hopeful for the new government in India. In the course of his graduation years he used to come to Ahmedabad during his vacation from Bangalore. He proudly remarks that he witnessed new developments every year in Ahmedabad. Set to launch his new CD that is a compilation of soft music and hard core metal, Uddipan says that if you want to enjoy a cool musical evening with not too much of head banging then sitting in on for the performance of As We Keep Searching is the perfect way to spend your evening. 
The CD is available for free download.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Please don't stop the MUSIC

Don’t we all know what they say? When that special someone walks in front of you and you totally imagine violins playing in the background. Also, remember that first time when you played guitar to ask out your high school crush? All those dedications made on phone to make your guy/girl smile? You do realize what all of these have in common right? Apart from Love ( obviously), it’s that another magic called Music.
Have you ever imagined a life without Music? Ever thought, what this world would be, if there was no Music? Music defines lives. Feelings. Emotions. Moods.  It has its own language which describes every single feeling in its own way. It gives a feel of surrealism, a divinity, a feeling which leaves you with an indescribable long.

Music has always been a great source of healing. The melodies make your mind wander into a different level altogether, a different world, far from reality. It defines hurt, resentment and grudges. It also defines love, trust and purity. Every mood has its own music, which makes you feel a little more connected, relaxed.
Music doesn't only leave you with a feeling of warmth but it also freshens up your mind. The feelings which you can’t express or, are scared to express, could be well described through music. It’s a thing which harmonizes your mind, body and soul. Life without music seems next to impossible. Music revolves around our life, or we should say, our life revolves around music. It’s an art which can express both silence and sound with equal power.

Good music attracts everyone, of any age group. It could be heard in all the places. You need and want music in almost every walk of life. A good melody comprises of most importantly, purity and the soulful rhythm to it.  You are coming back home from a tired day at office – you need music. You are feeling exhilarated- you need music. You are feeling low- you need music. You want to make a good surprise – you need music.

Music is not only what we listen to on radios, televisions, internet or any other source. It could be listened around us. The sound of birds chirping at the dawn – it is music. The sound of water flowing in the oceans – it is music. The eerie silence we hear in the dark – it is music. Laughter we hear- it is music. The cries we hear – it is music. Music is in each and every part of our life, whether we listen or not.
Music influences our lives, us. Music is there when the whole world turns its back on you. So continue the musical journey of your life because you never know, which melody has been made for you!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Interview with "Woren Webbe"

Interview with "Woren Webbe" by Vartika Sharma

This solo performer hires musicians for his live performances, a dedicated R&B artist, all his compositions are self-made. Woren Webbe has earned a legion of devoted fans in and around his adopted hometown of India where he was born and brought up in Canada, spent his half way in the UK. He wants to be the First Black Asian R&B artist and this aspiration is his biggest motivation. Critically acclaimed and making his way to the American R&B charts, Woren Webbe at once evokes Jay Sean, Usher and Ne-Yo by his voice.

His music is soulful to which Woren says “I want to be listenable and play tunes that other people can understand and feel the way I do.” He interacts with his audience during his performances and therefore his pet peeve is the audience in the clubs because he says “they either come to drink or to hook up”. Having picked up by the Santana family while singing for the church choir when he was eight years old, Woren did theater shows in Delhi and played for rock bands too. The list of maestros he admires is very crisp. He has a penchant for Michael Jackson's talent, he fancies Ne-Yo's music, he has an inclination for Jay Sean's style and finds Usher's performances agreeable. Woren finds 'Down with Love' having special fond memories attached to it. This song as he remarks “pushed me up and made me”. Always on his toes during his performances, Woren has never made any mistakes during any of his shows. His confidence and enthusiasm always help him put up a “crazy kick-ass performance for a crazy audience”. He's all in support of the Namo government and gives credits to Narendra Modi's confidence and experience for his tremendous success in the recent elections.
They say enthusiasm is contagious and that's why songwriters with a genuine, obvious passion for their craft can't help, but attract an audience. Be present on the 14th of June, 2014 in Haus Khaz Village to witness an escapade of “soulful singing with mature lyrics”. Woren Webbe for the first time ever in Delhi will croon R&B unplugged.

Find Woren Webbe music at TagMuse 

Friday, 30 May 2014

Explore The Unexplored

Have this ever happened to you? You feel like you have written your best piece of music and you find no one to share it with except for your family and the people living in your colony? It’s like stepping out of your shell and having no place to go to. Well now, you have one! TagMuse is a platform for all you shining stars who are looking for their stairway to heaven.

TagMuse is an online platform, dedicated to all the indie music artists who are striving to make their name and gain some fame in the world of music. It is a perfect launch pad to showcase your talent and make this world go gaga over you. TagMuse brings an opportunity to all those struggling musicians to present their soundtracks in front of everyone and be recognized worldwide.

We provide non-exclusive rights of the music, thereby not limiting the growth and exposure of the artists. We aim to promote the music scene through our model which involves significant interaction and collaboration with other platforms, working towards the same objective with equal amount of passion as you possess! Along with increased visibility, we provide you royalty for all your music streamed on the website and the app once monetization begins, for it’s your right to get the true worth for all your talent and effort. You also get your own page with a simple interface in which you can share as much information as you want. Share audios, videos, pictures, blogs, media coverage, and everything just the way you want.

The official website gives you a musical welcome by having a song played in the background from the registered artists. We present a wide range of tracks categorized on the basis of artist, genre, mood and language of your choice. Along with this, we provide you firsthand information of your favourite artists with an unlimited and unrestricted access to their music. You have an option of creating a playlist of your favourite tracks or exploring new music on our existing online radio. Go social with your favourites! TagMuse being in sync with your Facebook account, lets you connect with other music fans like you, to discuss and share your favourite music. Like a song? Share it! The next time you like a song you’re listening to, just tag your Facebook friends and they will receive a Facebook notification instantly. Dedicate songs to your loved ones and make your favourite songs reach your friends. Moreover, download our Tagmuse Mobile App, which offers you unlimited on-the-way music access through streaming. So join the greatest platform of Indie Music lovers and sink into the world where music is always in the air! 

“Some people have lives, some have music.”
What do you have?